Dalat - The City of Love

Located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, on the Lam Vien plateau - Dalat city has a cool mountain climate all year round with pine forests stretching, should be chosen by the French as a resort from the 6th century. XX, the current architecture is still in Dalat with an ancient and romantic European style. Ba Zan red soil is a gift from nature to the Lam Vien plateau, because on this land, all kinds of plants and flowers can grow and develop, coming to Dalat, tourists will enjoy vegetables and fruits. freshest; See the colorful flower farms stretching. With the broken terrain structure, Da Lat gathers majestic natural landscapes such as Pongour Waterfall with 7 floors, dubbed "Nam Phuong first waterfall", Elephant waterfall, Prenn waterfall. However, the thing that attracts the most tourists on this land is the atmosphere of Da Lat, the air is cold, fresh, cool, the mist rains on the city in the early morning, the light rains like pulling people Love together, so Dalat is also known as the city of love.

From Dalat, you can easily move to other cities of the Central Highlands, including Buon Ma Thuot and Kon Tum. Buon Ma Thuot has long been famous as the "Capital of Vietnam Coffee", visitors can visit the museum of coffee, coffee village and enjoy the rich coffee cup of basalt red soil, visit Dray - nur and Dray wax waterfall. majestic. Kon Tum diocese is the oldest diocese in the Central Highlands, established in the late nineteenth century, when the indigenous Ba Na people still owned this land, the harmony between Christianity and Ba Na culture. created unique constructions such as Kon Tum Cathedral, Kon Tum Missionary Seminary.

We wait for you in Dalat to write love stories!

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