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Throughout the years of establishment and development, GRT constantly strives to complete ourselves with the desire to bring the essence of Vietnamese culture and nature to the world. We are proud to bring Vietnam soul in each our heart and help you feel that soul in every Vietnamese person.

As getting into the Business Travel & Service Management department of Danang Economy University, Ms Thuy the founder has put Golden Rice Tours on the list since 2009. Over the past 10 years, we have built and developed more than 1,000 itineraries to bring entire experience for thousands of visitors coming to Vietnam through the packages: Classic Highlights; Nature and wildlife; Local experience; Sport travel; Luxury and Romantic; Family and Women; and especially programs specifically for the LGBT community. With all our efforts, we never stop trying to become the Asia-Pacific Leading Tour Organizer by 2030. With all hospitality and pride, we welcome you to our country and “Experience the Unique Vietnam!”


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GRT was founded with the mission to bring profound, authentic and complete experiences of the nature, culture and people of Vietnam - Experience the unique Vietnam!

To the customer: GRT was founded with the mission to bring customers a deep, true and complete experience of Vietnamese nature and culture - Experience the Unique Vietnam!

For customers: GRT was established with the mission to bring customers profound, true and complete experiences about the nature and culture of Vietnam - Experience the Unique Vietnam!

For the community and environment: GRT has a mission to preserve the original beauty of nature and culture. Through tourism, we want to change community thinking and awareness in protecting the environment, combating climate change and preserving community cultural values.

For employees: GRT has a mission to bring a stable source of income, create the best environment and development opportunities for each member.


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Top 10 Tour Operators in Asia Pacific area in 2030


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Delicate dedication: all products and services that GRT brings to customers are made with all the delicate dedication to bring profound experiences and absolute relaxation for visitors.

Responsibility: Each individual of GRT bears his / her own responsibility to his family, to himself, to customers, to businesses and to society. GRT in general and individual GRT in particular, always try their best to improve themselves, strive to bring value to the family, to themselves, to customers, to businesses and to society.

Reasonability: all actions of each member are directed to the rationality of the incident, of cultural, natural and social conditions; Always learning and changing to best adapt to each stage and the actual situation.

Kindness: We do business with the sincerity, honesty and kindness of people, thereby creating a reputation for businesses.


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Safety is our first priority. Our responsibility is to ensure our customers’ safety and health. More than buying travel insurance for customers, we control service provider quality, detail in arranging schedules; quality control of meals; For the tropical climate of Vietnam, we thoroughly prevent mosquitoes and infectious diseases. From the smallest things, we bring visitors absolute safety experience.

Personal services, products: All GRT programs are Tailor - made private tours, your trip will be only for you. We take care of all of your requests, take care of your personal issues, take care of the smallest things in your wishes, to create a personalized tour for you. Realize your dream in Vietnam.

Local experts knowledgeable: to be able to design tourism programs that meet the needs of each traveler, we have a team of local experts who know the local details and locations. Come, experiences at each destination. People who love and are proud of their homeland, always dedicate their enthusiasm to introduce the great things of their homeland to international visitors.

Complete experience: we can take you to a local restaurant, settle in a non-tourist destination, wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise, or follow you to discover night life of animals All of that, we are willing to work with you to give you a complete experience of a unique Vietnam.

Responsible tourism: Being aware of their responsibility to the environment, to the local community, GRT absolutely does not use plastic bottles in its tour programs, says no to hunting and use animals for tourism; There are programs to collect waste to protect the environment; We have programs to support the development of CBT in ethnic minority tourism areas; We rely on tourism to change public awareness about climate change and environmental protection.

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