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Vietnam Gay Tours

Welcome to Vietnam!

If you are looking for an escape vacation with long live history, ancient & original architectural works; a country with wonderful natural landscapes, luxurious private resorts laid nearby golden sandy beaches; a country with great cuisine recognized by the whole world; a country where you can experience classy services at affordable price; a country where both law and society respect the rights, freedom and love of homosexuals. Every citizen of that country always welcomes you with the brightest and friendliest smile – that is Vietnam.

With sophisticated service, with the experience of a professional tour operator, together we travel around the country with unique and authentic local experience.

HANOI: As the 1000-year capital of the country, Hanoi is a place to preserve the sacred relics of the nation and 100-year French architectural imprints. Walking around the Old Quarter, through the old streets, enjoying delicious regional cuisines, sipping a cup of fragrant egg coffee and immersing in the rhythm of capital life.

HALONG BAY: Taking a 3-day 2-night journey on a luxury cruise is the best way to explore to the fullest the magnificent beauty of Halong Bay. The cruise will go through Lan Ha Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village, Sung Sot cave which are the most beautiful landscapes of Halong Bay. Along with Jacuzzi pool, massage, exquisite cuisine, you will also participate in other fascinating activities: kayaking, taichi session and cooking class.

NINH BINH: Bestowed by the mother of nature, Ninh Binh has an agricultural life combined with wonderful nature creates poetic and charming scenery. Magnificent Trang An, ancient Hoa Lu capital and majestic Mua Cave are sights not to be missed in Ninh Binh.

HUE -  the last capital of Vietnam's central feudal regime. With a history of more than 200 years, almost all the architectural works of the Nguyen Dynasty are still intact to this day. Besides, this is a period of great volatility in Vietnamese history, showing the clear intersection between traditional and French architecture waiting for you guys to explore.

HOI AN: Once the busiest commercial port in Southeast Asia, the ancient streets of Hoi An are the result of the interference of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and French architecture. Located on the beautiful Cua Dai Beach, Sunrise Hoi An Premium resort is a familiar destination of LGBT community recommended by Gay Passport magazine.

SAIGON - the place to mark architectural works imbued with colonies of France and the US, and also to mark the most unique resistance project of Vietnam - Cu Chi Tunnels. Today, Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam that is always vibrant and bustling, especially the city life at night. Saigon is also the most concentrated bar gay in Vietnam, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks, sway to the music and get everyone closer.

MEKONG DELTA: On the rivers, the villages of the Mekong Delta formed Lotto - the first entertainment variety of LGBT community in Vietnam (which Vietnamese called Be De) whereby the LGBT community has been struggling, making a living, sacrificing to live as themselves and fulfilling their dreams. The Mekong River not only fosters indigenous true culture, fruitful gardens, but also nurtures dreams of being yourself.

In 2020, Golden Rice Tours organizes 4 luxury grand 13-day tour travelling to those upon destinations. If you have found your beloved one, enjoy every single unforgettable moment together. If not, don’t hesitate to sign up for our 13-day “Grand Gay Tour To The Wonderful Vietnam”. Who knows, “the one” is waiting for you in Vietnam.

We will depart on those day: 

- March 15th – 28th

- June 14th – 27th

- September 13th – 26th

- December 13th – 26th

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